I am a Reiki Master, who  uses Reiki to bring about healing on all levels, and am frequently told by my clients how amazed and grateful they are that they feel so much better after their sessions.  I too never fail to feel a profound sense of wonderment and gratitude  when I see this reaction to the amazing healing energy called Reiki.



Reiki, pronounced 'ray-key', means universal life force.  It is this energy that is tapped into to promote healing on all levels.


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Reiki is an energy-based touch therapy that provides a means for life-force energy, otherwise known as Chi, to re-charge, re-align, and re-balance human energy fields, creating optimal conditions needed by the body's own natural healing system.

Reiki, similar to other touch therapies, involves the use of energy directed by the practitioner's hands to strengthen the body's own ability to heal itself.

All touch therapies appear to have an underpinning of Eastern ideology and philosophy, consistant with the belief that the human body needs a continuous flow of life-force energy to sustain health and wellness. Touching is a way of passing this lifeforce on to other people. If a baby cries a mother or father instinctively gently touches the baby to quiet and soothe, and unless the baby is unwell or cutting a tooth, their touch most likely will do the trick as their energy passes to the baby.


Evidence in support of healing energy theories have included accelerated tissue healing and bone repair beyond chance probability.

Experiments with nerve cells in petri dishes have shown that energy generated by healers can cause impulses to travel along these nerve cells and jump between the gaps between cells from one nerve to another.

Research has shown that brain cells contain millions of crystals suggesting that the brain acts like a radio transmitter/receiver.


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing that everyone can use.  It always creates a beneficial effect.  It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and to speed up post-operative healing.


"I have had a very challenging year.  The Reiki sessions have helped me to remain calm and relaxed during quite a stressful time. Its definitely helped me. Thank you Sue."  Jo, Weston Coyney

"Spending much of my time with children all day, its great to treat myself to some personal time. The relaxation helps me to be calm and centred - two things you need when working with children."  Hazel, Cheadle

"I went for Reiki to see if I could get the pain in my neck to disappear.  When I was on the couch the whole one side of my body felt as though it disappeared. It was an odd sensation. Then after a few minutes the feeling came back and I felt more balanced than I have in some time.  Its been 3 months now and the pain hasn't returned!"  Lynn, Werrington

"I can really tell the difference in my moods and how I feel if I miss a treatment.  Reiki helps me to be calm and focused.  Its been a God send."  Mike, Adderley Green


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