Ear Candling


Ear candling is a highly effective natural clearance therapy for allieviating   painful sinus problems or ear ache due to wax build up.    Children with ‘glue ear’ syndrome respond well to this an as alternative to having grommets fitted.  As it is non-invasive there is no scarring to the ear drum, so there is no risk of hearing loss either.



It's worth giving it a go for many reasons, as any operation is worrying especially where young children are concerned, and nowadays most GP's and ENT specialists are quite happy for children and adults to undergo this gentle ear-cleansing treatment. If you suspect you have an ear infection, please see your GP before you have ear candling treatments.




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Ear Candling or thermo-auricular therapy has been used for thousands of years and is fast becoming a popular therapy here in the West.  Ear candles are an effective natural clearance therapy for treating most ear, nose and throat problems; and great for allieviating stress, which promotes healing.

Ear Candling, also known as Thermal or Thermo Auricular Therapy, uses candles which are a hollow tube (not a wax candle as people imagine).  The candles are constructed to a traditional formula using only natural therapeutic ingredients including essential oils and herbs which are well known for their cleansing, soothing and uplifting properties.  There are many types of candles however I only use BIOSUN candles which are regularly tested by independant institutes and are certified medical products according to EC guidelines 93/42 (EEC).

What does the treatment involve?

During the first session/consultation, I will examine your ears using in an otoscope order to assess the health and condition of each ear.  If you have had any pain or discharge recently or a history of ear problems, ask your Doctor to assess your suitability to receive this treatment before booking an appointment.  Please pass my website details on to your GP if he/she requests any further details.

During the treatment you will hear a gentle 'fizzing' sound as the candle burns, with a wonderful aroma of the therapeutic ingredients of essential oils and herbs known for their cleansing, calming, and healing properties.

After treatment the passageways are left with a protective coating of soothing condensate which can also bring relief to hay fever sufferers etc., (please see list below)

This therapy also helps to balance the fluids in the labyrinth and inner ear thereby treating vertigo and pressure equalising (ear popping), particularly recommended for easing inner ear pressure pain associated with air travel.  Travellers with this problem generally book an appointment in advance to secure an appointment 24 hrs prior to their flight and one for the day after their return.

 What other benefits are there to ear candling?

  • Respiratory conditions including Asthma
  • Rhinitis & Allergic Rhinitis & Hay Fever
  • Catarrh and sinusitis
  • Otitis Media (Glue Ear)
  • Colds, flu and sore throats
  • Congestion in the nasal passages, face or throat
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Compacted ear wax
  • Fluid imbalance associated with Meniere's Disease
  • Tinnitus - noises in the ear
  • Irritations in the ear or sinuses
  • Snoring
  • Ear-ache caused by compacted wax
  • Ear pain or pressure when flying
  • Lymphatic conjestion
  • Balance (vertigo)
A soothing lymph drainage facial is included in the price to assist the clearance process and relaxation experience. Further candles can be added to suit individual needs.



I've had problems with my ears since my youth.  I remember having several ear infections as a boy and as I grew up, noticed moderate changes and discomfort in my ears throughout my adult life.  The ear candling sessions with Sue alleviated the wax build-up.and right away there was a noticeable improvement in my hearing.   I also found flying was no longer a painful experience, wow!" 

When I booked my appointment  with Sue at Soothes, I was not convinced that sticking a candle in my ear would stop the excruciating pain i experienced  every time I bent my head forwards .

 I had suffered with this all the way through Uni , but whilst doing some labouring until my results came through, the pain became intolerable, so rather than giving up the job I decided to invest  in Sue's double session of Hopi  Ear Candling which was on special offer, at that time, which proved to be the the best  investment I've ever made!  

 I was frankly amazed,  so many thanks to  my girlfriend  for finding out about Hopi, I no longer have to suffer.  The treatment  was totally painless, and very  relaxing !

In fact the whole treatment  including free lymph -drainage massage to  face and neck  was much better than i expected and whats more it worked and I have none of the symptoms I was experiencing prior to treatment .

Olli from weston Coyney

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